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  • What is the SPINE hinge?

    Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, SPINE solves age-old hinge limitations. Typical optical hinges have ‘dead points’, meaning they are either open, or shut, and nothing in-between. They do not naturally have ‘give’. This limits comfort and increases fragility. In solving this issue, our design brings even more benefits. Our hinges gently flex to fit any head size, they lightly grip the face which means no more frames slipping down the face. They are durable as each part works together seamlessly, sharing each other’s load. There are no screws used in the working mechanism, so nothing to loosen, and due to the dual spring and cable the temples shut automatically when removed from the face.

  • What are the benefits of SPINE hinges?

    Quite simply; they grip, they flex, they’re durable and they shut automatically. The grip ensures the frames do not slip down your face, a great feature for active lifestyles. The flex means comfort as SPINE flexes in tune with you and your movements. Durability comes from parts working together as there are 5 working SPINE vertebrae constantly interacting seamlessly with each other to create a 90 degree hinge opening. As every element helps the other to take the strain, they rotate only 18 degrees meaning they share the load, making wear from friction virtually non-existent.

  • What is ‘continual flex’?

    SPINE hinges grip continually, all day long, morphing to fit any face shape, head size, all with the lightest of touch. Temples open and close smoothly, gradually, without flicking and traditional ‘dead’ points.

  • What is the AUTO-SHUT function?

    When you remove a pair of SPINE eyewear, you’ll find a surprising twist, the temples shut automatically. Thanks to the SPINE cable and double springs, the temples retract automatically, time after time. This is the only hinge on the market with this functionality.

  • Who invented the SPINE hinge?

    Invented by Italian designer Guido Medana, the SPINE hinge is a result of Guido’s lifelong career in engineering. Drawing from his expertise in a myriad of technical fields, SPINE is his ultimate solution to hinge design in the optical world. Guido is currently finalising the next evolution in SPINE hinges. All we can tell you is that it’s going to be smaller, lighter and in new materials.

  • Who designed the eyewear collection?

    The SPINE style has been created in triumvirate between the creative teams at Mondottica, REM and Centennial. Together the teams have pooled their international expertise to create a modern men’s collection designed for everyday wear. Classic, minimal shapes are packed with design signatures to discover, from our signature tip to our SPINE nosepads. Our attention to detail is our passion.

  • Who is Mondottica?

    Find out more at:

  • Who is REM?

    Find out more at:

  • Who is Centennial?

    Find out more at:

  • What are the patent references?

    Granted Patents and/or Patent Pending include:
    EUROPE (No. 09807579.9), USA (No. 13/142970), CANADA (No. 2748858), CHINA (No. 200980156720.4), South Korea (No. 2011-7017957), JAPAN (No. 2011-544108), BRAZIL (No. PI 0923802-6), Italy (No. MI2008A002355), PCT (No. PCT/IB2009/055965)

  • Where is the product assembled?

    The product is assembled in South China. We work with only the highest quality, most experienced manufacturers who bring SPINE to life. Every step of the production process is carefully monitored to ensure that quality is at the heart of every SPINE product.

  • Caring for my SPINE?

    Do not clean your lenses with anything containing lint or that sheds fibres. We suggest using our SPINE cloth as detailed below. Only clean your SPINE product in water, with a tiny amount of detergent if really required, DO NOT use solvent based cleaners and never ever use any liquid containing acetone.

  • Who do I contact for after care?

    Please see the contact page and click on your region. You will be guided to the relevant company.

  • Who is the Authorised Dealer for SPINE in Mexico?

    Calzada Jardines de San Mateo # 2 Interior # 4
    Col. Santa Cruz Acatlán Naucalpan de Juárez,
    Estado de México, México
    C.P. 53150

    Lada sin costo: 01 800 288 5947 / 01 800 522 5947


  • How does the SPINE hinge work?

    There are 5 working SPINE vertebrae constantly interacting seamlessly with each other to create a 90 degree hinge opening. As every element helps the other to take the strain, they rotate only 18 degrees meaning they share the load, making wear from friction virtually non-existent.

    A spun wire cable is the heart of the SPINE hinge and is produced by the leading manufacturer in the world. It’s diameter is a mere 0.60mm and at full tensile strength can hold over 300kg.

    The dual springs not only provide the pulling power of SPINE, but they allow the articulation of the vertebrae and enable our unique auto-shut mechanism.

  • What materials are used in the SPINE hinge?

    The hinge vertebrae are made using stainless steel and the MiM production process. See ‘MiM’ details below for more in depth information.

  • What materials are used in the frames?

    SPINE frames are made using 3 main ingredients.

    Cellulose acetate: a lustrous plastic material made from cotton, which in itself is a renewable source. Acetate colours can as equally pack a punch as they can exude depth and luxury. When tumbled and polished by hand, the surface takes on a high gloss finish, when blasted with sand, it retains a flawless matte finish. All acetate frames are hand-made and hand-finished.

    Stainless Steel: in the optical collection we use sheet stainless steel to offer a robust construction and a minimal style. The SPINE hinge is also made from stainless steel but using the MiM method, where the finely powdered metal is combined with a binder material and injection mould forming. (See MiM info below)

    Aluminium: in certain optical fronts and temples we use milled aluminium to achieve a thick metallic aesthetic, but without the weight. Aluminium is known for it’s strength and lightness and can be machine milled to create complex 3D shapes. It can also be thinned to remove weight and hollowed to integrate with the SPINE hinge.

  • What material are the sun lenses?

    Our sun lenses are made from CR39 a mineral based material that offers exceptional optical clarity. All are category 3 so suitable for any light conditions and all are UV400 and block out harmful rays. Each SPINE lens is coated internally with an ‘AR’ anti-reflective coating that eradicates unwanted reflections in the back of the lens.

  • What is micro injection moulding (MiM)?

    In order to produce the engineering precision demanded by the patented SPINE hinge system, only the MiM metal working process can be trusted to create such complex forms in one single operation, in this critical a volume.

    In brief, the process involves taking finely-powdered metal, mixing it with a binder material and passing it through a process known as injection mould forming, which employs an area of physics known as “rheology”, the study of the flow of matter.

  • Why is micro injection moulding (MiM) used?

    Because the MiM method can produce parts where it is difficult, or even impossible to efficiently manufacture these items by any other means.

    This ability to combine several typically prohibitive operations into one fluid process, ensures MiM provides numerous measurable savings, not only in the reduction of lead times but also the evasion of multiple processes usually amplified by miniaturisation. But MiM is recognised as a green technology thanks to the significant reduction in wastage compared to ‘traditional’ manufacturing methods, such as 5 axis CNC machining.

  • How to complete a 4 point adjustment – Video

    This is a note for opticians.
    As the SPINE hinges naturally close, they need to be held open to complete the 4 point adjustment. We suggest to use 2 small bulldog clips to hold the hinges straight. You can then make the adjustments as usual on a flat surface.

  • What is the SPINE cloth made from?

    The SPINE cleaning cloth is made from the highest quality micro fibre. This material does not contain lint or have stray fibres and is the only material we suggest for cleaning your SPINE frames and lenses. For more on how micro fibre works please visit: