What materials are used in the frames?

SPINE frames are made using 3 main ingredients.

Cellulose acetate: a lustrous plastic material made from cotton, which in itself is a renewable source. Acetate colours can as equally pack a punch as they can exude depth and luxury. When tumbled and polished by hand, the surface takes on a high gloss finish, when blasted with sand, it retains a flawless matte finish. All acetate frames are hand-made and hand-finished.

Stainless Steel: in the optical collection we use sheet stainless steel to offer a robust construction and a minimal style. The SPINE hinge is also made from stainless steel but using the MiM method, where the finely powdered metal is combined with a binder material and injection mould forming. (See MiM info below)

Aluminium: in certain optical fronts and temples we use milled aluminium to achieve a thick metallic aesthetic, but without the weight. Aluminium is known for it’s strength and lightness and can be machine milled to create complex 3D shapes. It can also be thinned to remove weight and hollowed to integrate with the SPINE hinge.